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European Computer Driving Licence - ECDL

The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is the number one, internationally recognised IT qualification. ECDL improves learners' understanding of computers and promotes efficient use of software. ECDL is covered in two parts:

ECDL Essentials

ECDL Essentials is an excellent introduction to the world of technology. With units covering the fundamentals of using IT, ECDL has a particular focus on the first steps in using a computer, explaining the internet and email, and teaching about how they can be used safely and productively. ECDL Essentials is accredited on both the QCF (England and Wales) and SCQF (Scotland) framework.


ECDL Essentials Units
IT user

IT user fundamentals builds the learner’s confidence by teaching basic interaction with computers, from start-up, to productive use and basic computer housekeeping.

Using email
and the internet
This unit helps the learner understand how to use internet and email in a safe and secure way. It explains key terms and builds knowledge of the fundamentals of computer security and use of the internet and email.
Security for
IT users
The security for IT users unit provides the learner with an essential understanding of how to use a computer in a safe and secure manner, protecting their own data as well as that of other users.


ECDL Extra

ECDL Extra builds on a learner’s initial experience and basic knowledge, and improves their understanding of computer applications including word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software. ECDL Extra is accredited on both the QCF (England and Wales) and SCQF (Scotland) framework.


ECDL Extra Units
This unit develops the learner’s ability to create word-processed documents: entering text, editing and formatting work, and using graphs, tables and pictures for a professional finish. The learner will also understand how to work more effectively using tools such as the spell-checker and mail merge.
This ECDL unit helps learners to develop a working knowledge of spreadsheets, from entering data and formatting worksheets, through to creating charts and producing high-quality documents.
The presentation software unit introduces the learner to this important means of business communication. Upon completion, learners will be capable of producing high-quality presentations using a variety of tools, including charts, graphs and drawn objects.
using IT
The ITQ requires the inclusion of content that builds the learner’s ability to work more effectively with IT. This unit looks at using tools to save time and effort when producing word-processed documents, presentations and spreadsheets.



Courses List

  • ECDL Essentials
  • EDCL Extra
  • MS Word 2010
  • MS Excel 2010
  • MS PowerPoint 2010
  • MS Access 2010
  • Php Scripting
  • Web Design in Dreamweaver
  • Basic IT Skills
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Introduction to Email
  • ESOL