E-Learner Zone

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can do these courses?

Anybody, but a basic knowledge of computers would be required.

What basic knowledge of computing would be required?

Desktop, keyboard and internet skills would be required as all learning is done online.

If I don't have computer access at home, can I still do a course?

As long as you can gain access to a computer with internet connection, then there would be no problem to do any course. Libraries, internet cafes, friends and family are all ways to gain access to a computer.

How long will it take me to complete a course?

Classroom based courses are setup into 5 or 10 weeks. Internet based courses are recommended to complete in 20 guided learning hours, but this excludes ECDL as it is a course which we recommend to complete each part in 25 guided learning hours.

How much do the courses cost?

We do not have the capablility to offer fee remission, so fees are payable in full. Please contact us on sumon@elearnerzone.com for more details.

When do the courses run?

Classroom based courses run at a fixed day and time throughout the academic year, so it will be necessary to contact us for availability.

Where do the courses run?

Courses run on the Wirral, Merseyside. Availability for venues for classroom based courses are not always fixed, so again it is best to contact us for availablity.

Do you provide a certificate on completion of a course?

Certificates are only provided for ECDL, for those who complete and pass the exams for the Essentials and Extra sections of ECDL.

Where do I sit the ECDL unit exams?

It is an essential requirement that the ECDL unit exams are to be taken at the Leasowe Adult Learning Centre, on Twickenham Drive. They cannot be taken anywhere else.

My question is not here. How do I enquire?

If you click on the contacts link, you can email or text in your unanswered question at any time.